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domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011


Dear friends, family and colleagues:

Thank you for waiting patiently for me.  After months of good intentions, I’m finally launching this blog to chronicle my experience in Argentina.  I was without home Internet access for the first five weeks of my stay, which limited my communication and inhibited me from setting up this site. After all, to access the Web meant I had to go outside into the pulsing streets of this vibrant city…and that meant fantastic distraction from all the social and environmental threads that compose the Buenos Aires tapestry.  I finally established a steady connection, but daily life became even more interesting! The blog was always in the back of my mind, and sometimes the front, but the resources and focus lacked… until now.

If you have been to Argentina or to many other parts of Latin America, you will be first to forgive the wait. You already know that here waiting is simply a part of life; things take time. There are steps and processes and protocols to follow, hierarchies to honor, unusual technological glitches to overcome—glitches this young teacher from New England, equipped with her MacBook, simply had not anticipated. You also know, however, that here the wait is usually worthwhile.  So, with some prodding and encouragement from a few key individuals (you know who you are), I re-commit to sharing this journey with you. On this blog I will post current musings, as well as some older reflections and photos from the earlier parts of my stay. Hopefully, it is worth the wait.  

With friends in la Reserva Ecológica, Buenos Aires

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  1. Nice shirt! We're psyched to know about your blog and look forward to keeping up! Much love from your valley home, Addie & Dan